Eternal Thoughts — 16 December 2019

Do not think that you are different from Me. At the core of it all, we are one and the same. You are all born out of love, living in love and, ultimately, will go back to love alone.

Eternal Thoughts — 15 December 2019

The purest desire is to always have the grace and love of God in one’s life.

Eternal Thoughts — 14 December 2019

How much you have loved, how many you have served – that is all God wants to know.

Eternal Thoughts — 13 December 2019

Everything is part of My plan. As long as you do not make a parallel plan, your life will be easy.

Eternal Thoughts — 12 December 2019

Realisation is knowing that ‘everyone belongs to me’ and ‘I belong to all.’

Eternal Thoughts — 11 December 2019

You should always introspect whether you have become a little more selfless than the previous day. If you are becoming more selfless, it means you are becoming more like God, you are getting closer to your goal.

Eternal Thoughts — 10 December 2019

God, who knows everything, behaves as if He knows nothing, and man, who knows nothing, behaves as if he knows everything!

Eternal Thoughts — 9 December 2019

God cannot be one of the many in your life. When God is the one and the only – that is when you will know God, in the truest sense.

Eternal Thoughts — 8 December 2019

You can enjoy the world, but let the world not enjoy you. Be in the world, but the world should not be inside you. That is how you have to live.

Eternal Thoughts — 7 December 2019

If you have prayed selflessly that it should be done, it will be done. God will help, but first, you must be ready to do what is required as an instrument.