Eternal Thoughts — 6 December 2019

If you have prayed selflessly that it should be done, it will be done. God will help, but first, you must be ready to do what is required as an instrument.

Eternal Thoughts — 5 December 2019

If you love God, if you want God, you will get God. That is all there is about God.

Eternal Thoughts — 4 December 2019

Even if you have shed one tear for God, He becomes yours. Even if you cry once for God, He becomes yours.

Eternal Thoughts — 3 December 2019

In every time, in every age, only those who have purified themselves with devotion, service, remembrance of the Lord and good company have understood God.

Eternal Thoughts — 2 December 2019

Keep doing good, for in doing so, you can find God and, in God, find yourself.

Eternal Thoughts — 1 December 2019

God always belongs to the devotee who has a pure heart, who has surrendered his or her heart, who has nothing but the desire to have the Lord and belong to Him.

Eternal Thoughts — 30 November 2019

The mind is an instrument given to you to attain Divinity.

Eternal Thoughts — 29 November 2019

Do whatever you need to do, but keep God as your goal.

Eternal Thoughts — 28 November 2019

If you want the world, you will get the world. If you want God, you will get God.

Eternal Thoughts — 27 November 2019

Only that time is well spent which is spent in loving and serving God. All else is a mere waste.