Eternal Thoughts —10 Oct ober 2023

My task is not only to provide free education for the poor children, healthcare for the sick, shelter to the homeless, food for the hungry, and water to the thirsty, but also to enlighten the masses about their spiritual heritage and lead them on the path to divinity.

Eternal Thoughts — 9 August 2020

When you give up your ego and all attachments, and become selfless and pure by constantly remembering and serving God, you will transform into God Himself. There is no other God separate from you elsewhere. God is right inside you, outside you, and everywhere around you.

Eternal Thoughts — 07 June 2023

Only a sharp and discerning mind which can discriminate, identify and differentiate the permanent from the transient can find perfection in this seemingly imperfect world.

Eternal Thoughts — 7 August 2020

Develop devotion to God, that is unwavering, unchanging with time, place and situations, and unaffected by favourable and unfavourable circumstances. It should remain steady, constant and complete at all times.

Eternal Thoughts — 6 August 2020

No worry will trouble those people who have firm faith and love for God. All the time and at all places, they will be thinking of God without worrying about anything.

Eternal Thoughts — 5 August 2020

Only such a person alone is eligible to realise God, who has intense desire to know Him and who puts efforts to keep his mind and senses under control, ever ready to receive that knowledge.

Eternal Thoughts — 4 August 2020

It is only the heart, purified through selfless love and service, which is capable of knowing the Self that is the embodiment of truth.

Eternal Thoughts — 3 August 2020

If God becomes the only purpose and the be-all and end-all of our lives, there is nothing else that needs to be done in our life.

Eternal Thoughts — 2 August 2020

Amongst thousands of people, he is the true hero who has pursued the path of God realisation and attained that perfection, which is the ultimate goal of life.

Eternal Thoughts — 1 August 2020

Let the truth that you are none other than the divine echo and resound in your head every waking and sleeping moment. Let this truth manifest in your thoughts, words and actions as divine beings. Let this truth give you the strength and the courage to turn your senses inwards to desire for God and to attain immortality.