How to remain equanimous?

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Swami, how can we maintain equanimity through head, heart and hand? Also, how do we sustain that in the various ups and downs of life?

Public Satsang at Encinitas, USA- 20th June 2015

Swami: If you think you are doing things, you can never maintain it. You will always be worried. If, however, you think Swami is the one who is doing, there won’t be any worry. For a moment, think about it. You are all sitting here, and you all have been breathing, but you did not put in any effort to breathe. It is happening on its own. Your hearts are beating constantly without any rest since birth. Who is making your heart beat? Whatever you eat gets digested and becomes energy and sustains your body through which you are able to work. Who is allowing all this to happen? For a moment if you ponder this truth, you will give up the sense of doer-ship. The moment you lose the sense of doer-ship, everything will be at peace.

If something good happens, you will be grateful to God, that He is blessing you. If something that happens which is not so favorable, you will also thank God. As Sreenivas said, “It is only an opportunity to do something better.”

Therefore, a person who is totally surrendered to God will find everything as a blessing from God. Then there is no question of managing heart, head, and hand, as all this will be managed by God Himself. If you are driving the car, you have to worry about the traffic, the opposite traffic, the cars, the potholes, and everything else. If you hand over the steering to the Lord, and sit by His side as a passenger, the journey will become so pleasant. If something goes wrong, you know it is God who is doing it. If something goes right, even then you know that it is God who is doing it. Neither will you swell up with pride, or get into depression. You will always maintain this. Your head, heart, hand, everything belongs to God. Let Him use it the way He wants. You don’t interfere. Then everything will be fine.

It’s only that we do things, and we want to have a sense of achievement, we want to be praised by others, we want name and fame, that is when we are not able to completely surrender. The mind bereft of all kinds of desires alone can merge in God. Only water can mix with water. Oil cannot mix with water. Only a selfless mind can mix with a selfless mind. If you want to surrender to God, develop this equanimity. You must completely let go of all your desires.

Is it possible for humans to attain immortality in Kali Yuga?

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Swami, in this Kali Yuga, is there any possibility for humans to attain immortality?

Public Satsang at Sunnyvale, USA- 16th June 2015 

Swami: Yes. Why this Kali Yuga? You can attain immortality in any Yuga. That is your birth right. You already are immortal. You think that you are not, but the best way of attaining immortality is not by action, nor by becoming a big family man, nor by having a lot of wealth, but only through sacrifice. It is by sacrifice alone that you will become immortal.

How many of us remember the kings and queens of America? Yet, we still remember the leaders who have sacrificed everything for the sake of bringing joy and peace to this country. You still remember leaders who did not think about themselves but about others and led their lives in a way of sacrifice. That is how you become immortal. That is how people will remember you, long after you are gone. Through actions of sacrifice you will attain immortality.

I am there, and you also can connect to Me within. Just reduce your desires, become more selfless, and fill your hearts with love, and you will feel Swami everywhere wherever you go. You don’t have to go to a particular place or do a particular thing to attain Swami. He is always with you. Learn to be with Him. Along with that, Satsang, or good company is very important. That will help you stay connected to Swami. A pot of water kept in shade will retain the water, but kept outside will lose all the water due to evaporation. Likewise, with Satsang, you will be able to retain this feeling within and you must preserve it and convert all this love into action. That is the way it will continue forever. You can stay in constant awareness of Swami’s presence.

How to develop constant integrated awareness?

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We try to stay in constant integrated awareness. We try to listen to our inner voice. Some days are good days, but many days are not so good, especially when we have problems at work, with family, relatives, friends or colleagues. Some days are not as good as the days when we think we are spiritually inclined. How can we develop this constant integrated awareness?

Public Satsang at Sunnyvale,USA- 16th June 2015

Swami: Practice is the only key. You were not born with the skills to write or read. When you started learning to read, you read alphabet by alphabet and then you formed words. Slowly, word by word, you read sentences, and slowly by reading the sentences, you could read an entire book. Today you are so fast because of constant practice. Constant practice to be in that state of peace is what is required. That will only happen if you turn inward all the time to see the purpose behind whatever is happening. Good is happening for a purpose. The bad that is happening, which you apparently feel is bad, for a purpose. See what God is trying to teach you, and then you will be at peace.

When you see something is happening which you do not like, and believe it is because of others and not because of God, you lose peace. If you think that it is God who is doing such things through others to teach you a lesson, then you will be at peace. You will constantly be aware that God is the one who is doing whatever is happening around you to teach you lessons. Practice is the only way of developing this.

What is the true nature of the Atma?

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We know that the Atma is smaller than the smallest and bigger than the biggest. A single grain of sand has over a hundred billion atoms. An atom is composed of a nucleus and electrons that go around it. If you blow up the nucleus to the size of a ping pong ball, the closest electrons to it will be approximately between the cities of New York and Los Angeles. All that space that is in between is how I perceive You, Swami – to be unseen. All that empty space is unseen by me.

Now, the Atma that is within the heart, is it the whole heart or is it simply the size of a grain of sand? Or is it the infinitely small, without end? I believe that it is infinitely small, without end; and in this empty space that we can perceive with the eyes, yet hard to comprehend with our minds – that is where I see that we are all one and there is no difference. Also, I see attachment to the world is one of the greatest hindrances to recognizing this. We see all these things on TV, become so material and feel ‘I want this’ and ‘I want that’, instead of recognizing ‘I am That’. What puzzles me is the evil in the world. I don’t know how You will do it, but I know that with Your Grace working through us, we shall have eternal peace.

Public Satsang at Sunnyvale, USA- 16th June 2015

Swami: Atma is like air. Air pervades everything. It is there in the smallest area to the largest of fields. Air pervades all. Everything is in the air; the air is in everything. That is the nature of the Atma. If you break the pot, the air inside the pot and the air outside the pot become one. If you close the pot, you may define the air as ‘air in the pot’ and ‘air outside’. This attachment to oneself and believing that one is just the body brings about all these differences. If you give up this attachment, then everything appears as one. It is as simple as that. The body is just the container – a vessel in which the part of God that is bigger, Paramatma (God) is being encapsulated as Jivatma (the individualized soul). The moment body attachment goes, Jivatma and Paramatma become one and there is only one that exists. It is we who create this difference.

Suppose there were no walls here; this hall and the ground outside would be one. The walls define this as a hall and outside as the empty space or ground. Likewise, we have built these walls of body attachment which makes us feel different from each other. The moment we give up this, all are the same. Jesus said, “All are one, my dear son, be alike to everyone,” because He understood this truth.

World peace will come if you are at peace. If you are not at peace, there cannot be peace in the world. One may sit in an ashram and still be restless; one may sit in the market but still be at peace. Once you attain inner peace, you will see its reflection everywhere. Outer peace also will be attained. Inner peace will come only where there is unity of thought, word and action. When there is unity, there will be tremendous peace. There is no peace when you think something, say something and do something else. If you make it all one, you will have inner peace. That’s when you will also have outer peace. It is not nature which is making noise; it is not God who is making noise; it is men who are making noise. It is humans who have to be at peace, not Nature or God. If you are at peace with yourself, you will spread the peace to those around you. This peace will come only if you think, say and do the same thing. If you think you are Divine, say you’re Divine, and do things that are Divine, that is when you will attain peace within yourself and peace in the world outside.


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    How to develop our inner voices?

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    Swami, how do we develop our inner voice, so that we may receive clear guidance from You?

    Public Satsang at Sunnyvale,USA – 16th June 2015

    Swami: You see, dear bangaroo (golden one), the inner voice is always there. It is just that the noise around it is too much. It drowns the voice and, therefore, we are not able to hear it. In this hall, as Swami speaks, if all of you also start speaking simultaneously, obviously Swami’s voice will be lost and only noise will be heard. The mind makes all the noise, full of desires and attachments. It makes tremendous noise. In that noise of the mind, the voice of the heart is not heard. Otherwise, I am always speaking to you, all the time. However, because you are not paying attention to what I am saying, and just listening to your mind, you are not able to hear Me.

    If you can control your desires, change your selfish desires to selfless desires, make your mind pure, calm and full of silence, you will definitely hear the voice that comes to your heart. In a room, when everybody is silent, you can hear the speaker. When everybody is talking, you cannot hear the speaker.

    Reduce the noise of the mind. You don’t have to work on increasing the voice of the heart; it is always there. Just reduce the noise of the mind. The more you become selfless, the more you become silent. The more silent you are, the more you can hear Sai within.

    Do miracles play a role in devotion?

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    There are many miracles happening in Chennai and different places like Sundaram and the Guindy temple, but not at Perambur Samithi. Is it not true that, as a result of such miracles, the devotion of the devotees increases?

    Public Satsang at Sunnyvale,USA – 16th June 2015

    Swami: Is it because of miracles that devotion is increasing, or is it because of devotion that miracles are happening? You must ask that question first.

    It is devotion that made God manifest in different ways. It is not that the manifestations increase devotion. If the members of Perambur Samithi are also as devoted as the people in Sundaram and Guindy, a lot manifestations will definitely happen there, too. That is what is required.

    What is devotion? Devotion is not just singing bhajans and engaging in all kinds of discussions. It is acting. If you do Seva in Perambur Samithi – help the school children, serve them breakfast, give them education, and offer tuition classes, then I will certainly manifest there in many, many ways; only to make it obvious to you. Otherwise, I am there, just as I am everywhere.

    How to love everyone?

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    How can we love all people in the world?

    Public Satsang at Croatia- 22nd April 2015

    Swami: What is the secret of love? If you think it belongs to you, you love. You love your mother. Why? Because she belongs to you. You love your toys because the toys belong to you. You love that which belongs to you. If you think the entire world belongs to you, that all are your brothers and sisters, then you will love everyone. It is only when you don’t believe that they are yours that you are unable to love. Think all are your brothers, all are your sisters, then you can love everyone.

    A teacher came and asked Swami, “You are able to love all the children in our hostels, but being the warden of our hostel, I am unable to love them like You. What should I do?” I told him, “To tell you the truth, I only love Myself and I don’t love anyone else, but because I see everybody as My own self, I am able to love everyone.”

    If a man enters a room full of mirrors and sees his reflection in all the mirrors, he will feel very happy and joyful. However, if a dog enters the same room and see so many dogs in the reflections, he is going to get scared and start barking. The knowledge that all are your forms alone can make you fearless and happy. When you see differences between each other, because you go by external appearances, you are not able to love. I do not see these outer covers.

    The same prasadam, chocolate, is packed in multiple-coloured wrappers. Some are red wrappers, some are blue, some are green, and some are yellow. If you give it to the children, they will fight over it. They would want only red chocolates, or green ones, or yellow ones, or blue ones. If, however, you give the chocolates to the elders, who know the truth, that it is the wrapper which is different, but the chocolate is the same, they are not going to fight over it. They will be happy to accept any one. Knowledge leads you to be able to love. If you learn this truth –who you really are – then you will know what the entire world is about. That is when you can love. This will help you remove your ego, which makes you identify falsely with the wrapper and not with the chocolate. Through service, when you remove the outer cover, you will see that the inside is the same. It is the same Atma which is in all the beings. Only the covers are different. Service will help you learn this.

    What should young people do for God?

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    What should young people do for Swami?

    Public Satsang at Croatia- 22nd April 2015

    Swami: Whether young or old, all have to do the same thing for Swami; transform yourself. Be an example to others. If you practice what Swami is teaching and become an example to others, it is the greatest seva that you can do.

    The sun rises every day, and just by rising in the sky, the entire world is taken care of. Trees grow, birds fly, crops grow – everything happens just because the sun rises. If inside you, your Divinity rises like the sun, it will help everyone. If you observe the sun closely, you will learn that it is burning itself away to give light and life to so many.

    You go to a church and you light a candle. What is the meaning of the candle? Does God need light? It is you who needs light. The candle only tells you that the only way it glows and removes the darkness is by melting away. Its ego melts away so that the light of love can spread. Therefore, whether young or old, first and foremost, transform yourself. Be willing to sacrifice for the sake of others.

    Young people are very selfish. They first think about themselves. They don’t think of others first. In the first place, learn to give selflessly. Trust Me, even if you need something very, very badly, if there is someone else who needs it at that very moment and asks you for it, if you have the courage and love to give it away, Swami will look after you. Swami will take care of all your needs.

    Young people should learn giving and forgiving. Forgiveness is a great virtue. Many young people have many misunderstandings. It is natural at their age, but being able to forgive people, and more importantly, forgive yourself and move on in your life, is very important. Mistakes happen. However, if you keep living in your past mistakes, you will never be able to go forward. If you do not repeat it, it is not a mistake. Don’t blame yourself and think yourself as low and weak.

    Remember, you are God Himself, in this form. You have all the power, all the strength, and all the purity. Live with that courage and conviction, which alone will give you the heart to give and forgive. It will make you fearless, for you know that God will protect you at all times. Whatever you need, wherever you need, whenever you need, God will provide you. You live for others, and I will take care of you. Set up this example for the others to follow.

    Why Muddenahalli?

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    Bhagawan, could You please help us understand why You decided to embody Yourself in the Subtle Body at Muddenahalli and not elsewhere?

    Would it not have been easier to manifest, for example, in Puttaparthi, where existing infrastructure is already in place?

    Public Satsang at Croatia-22nd April 2015

    Swami: Even before asking this question, you must ask yourself another question. Why did Swami come to Puttaparthi, in the first place? Why not in Croatia? Whatever Swami chooses to do, there is a reason behind it. Just as a businessman moves from office to office to increase his business, and does not stay in the same place forever, I travel from place to place to spread this business of love. Give love and get love.

    Where an Avatar descends is not decided by the people. It is definitely decided by the Avatar. Just as you may have many children, but you love to stay with those children who are dear to you, or who need your help and guidance more than the others, the Avatar goes to that place where He is needed more than the others.

    Puttaparthi was like a primary school, where people from all parts of the world came. Some of them did not even believe in the existence of God. In the primary school, the first lesson I taught was: God exists. Those who did not believe there was God understood, and now believe that God exists.

    Muddenahalli is like a high school, where I am teaching: God does not exist outside, not in one place in a particular form, but He exists in each and every person, within them, and it is possible for you to realize this.

    In the future, I am going to start a University where, once you graduate from this high school, you must take admission there. That is going to be the Prema Sai University, where the ultimate has to be learned. What is the ultimate? You and I are one. There is no difference.

    While you have heard all these things, truly, how many are really experiencing it? You have read all the theory and have got full marks in the theory exams. You can easily quote and misquote Swami wherever you want, but practically, you are yet to pass. This is all practical. This is for those who are not merely here to seek things from Swami, but to know what can be done for Swami. The only thing that you can ever do for Swami is to Love All and Serve All. Therefore, each place and the people around are chosen for a particular purpose.

    This time, Swami has chosen to set up His office in a new place, so that that can also be developed. In fact, I just spoke to a small group of devotees yesterday, and I have commanded them – they must also build a small ashram in Croatia, which is a long-standing dream of many devotees. In the future, it will grow into a great place of spiritual power and people from all around the world would come there to seek their own self. Even as the next Avatar, I will visit all these countries, reside in these ashrams, and guide My devotees. All this is the ‘homework’ that is being done for the coming times.

    It is a part of My leela. It is a story. It gets interesting as you turn the pages. You are only on the tenth page. So, there are so many questions. I am the author of the book. I know the entire book. For Me, there is nothing like past, present and future. Since I know what the future is going to be, I need to ensure that the present is in line with the future, and that is what I am doing now.

    What are the spiritual changes happening to the world?

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    Could You tell us something about the spiritual changes that are happening during this period?

    Public Satsang at Torino, Italy- 16th April 2015

    Swami: What you see outside is just a reflection of what you are inside. If you are Divine, you will see everything as Divine. If you are human, you will see everything as human. A sick person is always angry with everyone. Because he is sad and angry, he receives sadness and anger from others. The moment his sickness is cured, he becomes happy and sees everyone as happy.

    Therefore, when you change yourself, the entire world is going to change. It all starts from within.

    I am now preaching that each one must realize their Divinity. In times to come, the Divinity inside will start rising and many people around the world will preach the truth that all are One. Those who cannot understand this truth will perish, just as some plants perish when the
    seasons change. Those who follow the path of dharma, will be protected by dharma. In every age, in every time, there were some people who were good and
    others who were not. It has never happened that the entire world was only full of goodness. Therefore, more and more people will become better, become spiritual, and that is the Golden Age.

    As is your vision, so will be the world outside. That which stops you from realizing this is your own ego. Through love and service, once you give up this ego, you will see the entire world as Divine. The time has now come in the history of the world that many spiritual people will start coming up.

    We are in a period of transition. Just as day moves into night and night moves into day, the dark night of the Kali Age is coming to an end. However, just as the night is the darkest before the dawn, so there is so much evil at this point in time. Evil will destroy itself as per the laws of Nature, and what will remain will be pure. If you are not prepared for that age, you will not be able to survive there; just as when the seasons change,
    certain plants don’t survive. Hence, prepare yourself by becoming more pure, more selfless, and more Divine.

    Love in action is dharma. Love in speech is truth. Love in
    understanding is peace. Love in thought is non-violence. It’s just one love which has all the other things inside it. Develop love, selfless love. Not ‘love myself’, ‘serve myself’; love all, serve all.