With the most auspicious festival of Maha Shivaratri being a few days away, the university staff and undergraduate boy students arrived from Gulbarga to participate in this holy festival. Sadguru Sri Madhusudan Sai visited the Post Graduate Department, Sri Satya Sai University of Human Excellence (SSSUHE), Muddenahalli, to spend time with the students and staff and bless them with His divine guidance.

The staff, undergraduates and post graduate students had gathered at Vidya Deep for the divine satsang. Sadguru was lovingly welcomed by the students of Vedic Studies.

Melodious bhajans were dedicated to Sadguru by the staff and students. Following this, Sadguru delivered His divine discourse. After lovingly enquiring about the students’ well-being, Sadguru spoke at length about developing the culture of the Institution and how it must always be maintained. Sadguru explained that culture consists of belief in the value system of the Institution and putting those values into practice by behaving in accordance with them. Only when one is convinced about the values will they reflect in one’s behaviour. Therefore, there must be unity in thought, word, and deed – ‘manas ekam, vachas vkam, karmanyekam’.

Sadguru also stressed on the need for continuous learning and guided the undergraduate students to join the internship programme as that would be a platform for practical application of all that they were learning. He also advised all the post graduate students to complete their Ph.D. as well. Sadguru added that in the years to come, this institution and university would be a role model for various other individuals and organisations who will watch, learn and emulate this kind of value system.

Thereafter, Sadguru partook lunch with everyone and after blessing them all, He retired to Premdeep.