It was the happiest day for the girl students of Sri Sathya Sai Prashanthiniketanam, Nallakadirenahalli, as they waited in anticipation for the Lord. The previous day was spent in cleaning, decorating, preparing cards, making garlands, song practices and much more. As the staff and students threw themselves enthusiastically into the assigned tasks, there was only one aim in every heart:   To make Swami happy. That wonderful morning, the whole campus was decorated with colourful garlands, handmade crafts and dressed in grand sarees, the beaming students stood ready to receive the Lord. 

Finally, Sadguru Sri Madhusudan Sai arrived with His entourage and was welcomed by the girl students in a Veda procession. Swami and His guests were presented colourful flower bouquets by the Heads of the institution. Swami visited the upcoming hostel building which is under construction and provided guidance to the contractor and workers.  

Swami was then led to the prayer hall where the staff and students had gathered. The programme commenced with an auspicious Vedic invocation by the University students. The welcome address was given by Smt. Purnima.M, Principal of Prashanthi Bala Mandira Girls’ School. This was followed by an inspiring speech in Sanskrit by the faculty of Prashanthi Nikethanam PU College.  Ms. Roopa, a tenth-grade student then expressed her gratitude to Swami for taking care of her entire education and for supporting her family in times of crisis. Ms. Amrutha, a PU college student, spoke about the gift of education that she is receiving in this institution, about her learnings from the paravidya classes and the joy of service that she experienced during the lockdown period. 

The talks were followed by soulful music renditions by students from the school, PUC, and the University. It is so rightly said that ’music is the fastest and surest way to reach God’! 

Thereafter, Swami delivered His much-awaited divine discourse. Swami elaborated that it was His dream to see the school, college and University in one campus which had manifested into reality that day and named it as the” Triveni Sangama.’’ Swami encouraged the girls to excel in sports, especially volleyball. He said that He plans to hold a volleyball match between the school, college and university level girls. After motivating all the students to play games regularly, Swami partook lunch with the tenth grade and the second-year PUC students. He distributed ice-cream to everyone. 

Post lunch, Swami visited all the classrooms, laboratories, office and staff rooms before blessing the elders with an interview. After the Mangala Arati was offered, Swami departed from the campus leaving everybody in a state of deep bliss.