When Sadguru Sri Madhusudan Sai had visited the girls’ campus at Nallakadirenahalli in January 2021, promising to return after a month, He had instructed for a volleyball court to be arranged so that the girls could practice and play matches for His next visit. Therefore, after many eager and enthusiastic practice sessions under the training of Smt. Gayatri Ganjawalla, the students were ready to receive their Lord and on 27th February 2021, Sadguru visited the Nallakadirenahalli campus.


Departing from Muddenahalli in the early afternoon at around 3 p.m. along with His guests, Sadguru reached the campus at around 3:45 p.m. and proceeded to inaugurate the new music room. After spending some precious time with the music group students and staff, Sadguru then took a short break for snacks and rest. As the afternoon heat reduced and the sun began to set, Sadguru made His way to the volleyball court which had been beautifully set up next to the upcoming hostel building. The evening was spent with much joy and laughter as three energetic matches between the students of High School, Pre-University College and University were accompanied by witty commentary by the University students. Combining spirituality with everyday life, the students displayed both courage and compassion on the court which made Sadguru very happy. At the conclusion of the matches, Sadguru blessed all the players and participants and took group photographs with all of them.


Thereafter, everyone proceeded to the Prayer Hall where after a few Bhajans, Sadguru was welcomed by Sister Sridevi, an intern at the campus. The music group then offered a few soulful songs at Sadguru’s feet, concluding with a group offering by all the students. Sadguru then spoke to everyone emphasising the importance of physical education as a part of an all-rounded, wholesome education. He instructed all the students to take up at least one team sport and one area of fine arts, saying that team sports would teach many lessons in practical spirituality whilst fine arts would help to open up the heart. Sadguru lovingly told the students that His only request from them during their stay was that they be happy and told them to pursue their interests whilst also enjoying their studies and other aspects of hostel life too. Showering the girls with much love and many blessings, Sadguru then promised to return after two months during which basketball, handball and throwball courts would be arranged so that He could witness more matches on His next visit.

After receiving Mangala Arati, Sadguru departed the campus at around 06:00 p.m. and returned to Muddenahalli.