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There are many miracles happening in Chennai and different places like Sundaram and the Guindy temple, but not at Perambur Samithi. Is it not true that, as a result of such miracles, the devotion of the devotees increases?

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Public Satsang at Sunnyvale,USA – 16th June 2015

Swami: Is it because of miracles that devotion is increasing, or is it because of devotion that miracles are happening? You must ask that question first.

It is devotion that made God manifest in different ways. It is not that the manifestations increase devotion. If the members of Perambur Samithi are also as devoted as the people in Sundaram and Guindy, a lot manifestations will definitely happen there, too. That is what is required.

What is devotion? Devotion is not just singing bhajans and engaging in all kinds of discussions. It is acting. If you do Seva in Perambur Samithi – help the school children, serve them breakfast, give them education, and offer tuition classes, then I will certainly manifest there in many, many ways; only to make it obvious to you. Otherwise, I am there, just as I am everywhere.