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How do we ask for forgiveness, like what Mr. Isaac Tigrett explained today? Could You please tell us the procedure?

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Public Satsang at Sai Ananda Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia- 11th August 2017

Swami: You see, it’s a very fundamental question. All of this is in place because God was lonely – all by Himself. He wanted somebody to love Him and He wanted somebody to love, just like a mother does. A mother wants to give birth to a child. When you ask why she is going to undergo suffering for nine months, going through all kinds of physical and mental issues –so much pain – and ask about the need for it, what will the mother answer? She wants to see herself in that child, wants to love the child, and wants the child to love her.

That was the whole purpose that man was created: so that he can love God and God can love man but, unfortunately, when the child forgets this basic truth and gets into all kinds of things and hurts the mother, that is when the trouble begins. The purpose of our lives – why this whole Creation happened – is because God wanted to love Himself in so many forms and wanted all these forms to love Him. When you go back to the basic, fundamental principle of pure love, and see God in yourself and in everyone else, then you start enjoying the whole game of life. When you deviate from the rules, the game becomes stressful. It becomes that which creates anxiety and difficulties. That is why I am teaching you to return to the very fundamentals of this Creation, which is love – to be able to love others as divine, as gods; love yourself and love others. That is the whole purpose, which is a very beautiful experience.

The truth is, all these complications are your creation. When you simply go by the rules, there is no complication. When you follow traffic rules, there are no complications, and no accidents on the road.
The moment one person starts deviating from the rules, then there is confusion, commotion and accidents. That is why Swami is putting you back on the path of love, so that you can enjoy being here, enjoy loving others and enjoy being loved by others. Then all of them will be able to love God. That is the purpose.