You all join hands to build schools and hospitals which are the true temples of God because that is where God is being served, whether it is in schools or whether it is in these hospitals we treat out students as gods, we treat our patients as gods. So much is being talked of a virus which just came three months ago. A few thousand deaths has scared the daylights out of everybody because this virus affects both poor and rich in the same way.

More than 5 million children around the world every year die of malnutrition. That is far bigger a number than whatever is happening in the world at this point in time. They don’t have enough food to eat, it is so simple, it is not a disease, it is food which they don’t get to eat. But none of the governments wake up and aggressively act upon an issue as large as that. But because these children don’t figure in the list of the influential, the rich, the powerful, the famous, they are ignored. So many children not getting education. Equal opportunities. These are the diseases which are more dangerous than those that we are so occupied with today. The larger problems of the world, the more dangerous problems of the world can be solved, there is a cure for it. What is the cure? A little selflessness in everyone. Small little doors of selflessness in every mind can cure all the problems of the world. Poverty can be cured, illnesses can be cured.

Wonderful work Raipur hospital is doing. Of course, it is hard work, it is challenging. At times difficult. At times it looks like it may not happen or we may not survive the next month but it happens, it happens because I said, the prayers of those mothers, the blessings of those mothers and fathers that come out from the depth of their heart that ‘May this hospital prosper. May this hospital continue to do good to more and more children in the world. May many more mothers and fathers get back their children from the jaws of death.’ That blessing will take care that this hospital runs forever. Not only runs, it thrives and prospers year after year. And that is what is happening. That is the power of selflessness. That is the power of goodness. It is so self-perpetuating, it doesn’t need anybody’s help, it does not need anybody’s support. It takes care of itself. That is the power of being good. Wherever there is goodness, everything is possible. If you just be good, if you be pure, be selfless, everything is possible. Anything and everything you can achieve in life as long as it is born out of pure selflessness, goodness, to do good for others, not for one’s own sake. Anything is possible.