This is our mission. Small boy to the elder, everybody is serving children. This is our mission. In the Vedas it is said, “Don’t break this lineage. Don’t break this tradition,” is what the Guru advises the student. That is the idea which a Guru tells the Shishya, “What you have learnt you must continue. Don’t ever break this tradition.” See, in our institution we are seeing that Narayan Rao is here. They are the first batch of people who came here, started teaching. From there, Ramananda, Mahendranna, Shetty, they are all here. Look at all of them. What are they doing? They taught these children. Those children are teaching the next generation. Now this is the fourth generation of children who are getting educated in this institution. So, they are like great grandfathers. Bheeshma Pitamahas for this place. So, this is how this tradition, this lineage of education is continuing. And that is how it has to continue.

These people have all reached and crossed retirement age, but still they go to the campuses as Chairpersons and are looking after campuses. So, I tell, “With Swami, there is no retirement. There is only re-tirement.” I will keep giving you different tasks. Till one can serve society, they should continue to serve, they should live that long. That is what I am saying. There is no retirement in our institution. Till our last breath, we are here to serve. And from the class sixth boy to the college students to the teachers to the Chairpersons to all the Tyagajivis all are here serving every day in some way or the other. People make lot of efforts for their own Moksha – they go to the Himalayas, or they meditate, they do many Sadhanas. Swami’s method is not that. Loka Seva. While we are doing Jana Seva, we should get Moksha. Serving the society in one hand, and also striving for the self realisation on the other hand. These two should go together in Swami’s institution.

I have told all the teachers there is no need to do any other Sadhana. They should just look after the children sincerely and make them into Tyagajivis. If they can do that, that is their Sadhana. I feel so happy when I see all these little children from so many campuses. You may not know who they are. They themselves may not know who they are. But I know who they were, who they are and who they will be in the coming future. And I see the future of the world in them. The future of the world is them. And they will do what is required to set the world right. There is no other way. The Satya yuga that we talk about will come and it will be because of these children. I have the faith that our students will do that.