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How can we develop this constant integrated awareness?

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Public Satsang at Sunnyvale,USA- 16th June 2015

Question: We try to stay in constant integrated awareness. We try to listen to our inner voice. Some days are good days, but many days are not so good, especially when we have problems at work, with family, relatives, friends or colleagues. Some days are not as good as the days when we think we are spiritually inclined. How can we develop this constant integrated awareness?

Swami: Practice is the only key. You were not born with the skills to write or read. When you started learning to read, you read alphabet by alphabet and then you formed words. Slowly, word by word, you read sentences, and slowly by reading the sentences, you could read an entire book. Today you are so fast because of constant practice. Constant practice to be in that state of peace is what is required. That will only happen if you turn inward all the time to see the purpose behind whatever is happening. Good is happening for a purpose. The bad that is happening, which you apparently feel is bad, for a purpose. See what God is trying to teach you, and then you will be at peace.

When you see something is happening which you do not like, and believe it is because of others and not because of God, you lose peace. If you think that it is God who is doing such things through others to teach you a lesson, then you will be at peace. You will constantly be aware that God is the one who is doing whatever is happening around you to teach you lessons. Practice is the only way of developing this.