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Swami, how do we develop our inner voice, so that we may receive clear guidance from You?

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Public Satsang at Sunnyvale,USA – 16th June 2015

Swami: You see, dear bangaroo (golden one), the inner voice is always there. It is just that the noise around it is too much. It drowns the voice and, therefore, we are not able to hear it. In this hall, as Swami speaks, if all of you also start speaking simultaneously, obviously Swami’s voice will be lost and only noise will be heard. The mind makes all the noise, full of desires and attachments. It makes tremendous noise. In that noise of the mind, the voice of the heart is not heard. Otherwise, I am always speaking to you, all the time. However, because you are not paying attention to what I am saying, and just listening to your mind, you are not able to hear Me.

If you can control your desires, change your selfish desires to selfless desires, make your mind pure, calm and full of silence, you will definitely hear the voice that comes to your heart. In a room, when everybody is silent, you can hear the speaker. When everybody is talking, you cannot hear the speaker.

Reduce the noise of the mind. You don’t have to work on increasing the voice of the heart; it is always there. Just reduce the noise of the mind. The more you become selfless, the more you become silent. The more silent you are, the more you can hear Sai within.