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How can we love all people in the world?

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Public Satsang at Croatia- 22nd April 2015

Swami: What is the secret of love? If you think it belongs to you, you love. You love your mother. Why? Because she belongs to you. You love your toys because the toys belong to you. You love that which belongs to you. If you think the entire world belongs to you, that all are your brothers and sisters, then you will love everyone. It is only when you don’t believe that they are yours that you are unable to love. Think all are your brothers, all are your sisters, then you can love everyone.

A teacher came and asked Swami, “You are able to love all the children in our hostels, but being the warden of our hostel, I am unable to love them like You. What should I do?” I told him, “To tell you the truth, I only love Myself and I don’t love anyone else, but because I see everybody as My own self, I am able to love everyone.”

If a man enters a room full of mirrors and sees his reflection in all the mirrors, he will feel very happy and joyful. However, if a dog enters the same room and see so many dogs in the reflections, he is going to get scared and start barking. The knowledge that all are your forms alone can make you fearless and happy. When you see differences between each other, because you go by external appearances, you are not able to love. I do not see these outer covers.

The same prasadam, chocolate, is packed in multiple-coloured wrappers. Some are red wrappers, some are blue, some are green, and some are yellow. If you give it to the children, they will fight over it. They would want only red chocolates, or green ones, or yellow ones, or blue ones. If, however, you give the chocolates to the elders, who know the truth, that it is the wrapper which is different, but the chocolate is the same, they are not going to fight over it. They will be happy to accept any one. Knowledge leads you to be able to love. If you learn this truth –who you really are – then you will know what the entire world is about. That is when you can love. This will help you remove your ego, which makes you identify falsely with the wrapper and not with the chocolate. Through service, when you remove the outer cover, you will see that the inside is the same. It is the same Atma which is in all the beings. Only the covers are different. Service will help you learn this.