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Swami, how can we maintain equanimity through head, heart and hand? Also, how do we sustain that in the various ups and downs of life?

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Public Satsang at Encinitas, USA- 20th June 2015

Swami: If you think you are doing things, you can never maintain it. You will always be worried. If, however, you think Swami is the one who is doing, there won’t be any worry. For a moment, think about it. You are all sitting here, and you all have been breathing, but you did not put in any effort to breathe. It is happening on its own. Your hearts are beating constantly without any rest since birth. Who is making your heart beat? Whatever you eat gets digested and becomes energy and sustains your body through which you are able to work. Who is allowing all this to happen? For a moment if you ponder this truth, you will give up the sense of doer-ship. The moment you lose the sense of doer-ship, everything will be at peace.

If something good happens, you will be grateful to God, that He is blessing you. If something that happens which is not so favorable, you will also thank God. As Sreenivas said, “It is only an opportunity to do something better.”

Therefore, a person who is totally surrendered to God will find everything as a blessing from God. Then there is no question of managing heart, head, and hand, as all this will be managed by God Himself. If you are driving the car, you have to worry about the traffic, the opposite traffic, the cars, the potholes, and everything else. If you hand over the steering to the Lord, and sit by His side as a passenger, the journey will become so pleasant. If something goes wrong, you know it is God who is doing it. If something goes right, even then you know that it is God who is doing it. Neither will you swell up with pride, or get into depression. You will always maintain this. Your head, heart, hand, everything belongs to God. Let Him use it the way He wants. You don’t interfere. Then everything will be fine.

It’s only that we do things, and we want to have a sense of achievement, we want to be praised by others, we want name and fame, that is when we are not able to completely surrender. The mind bereft of all kinds of desires alone can merge in God. Only water can mix with water. Oil cannot mix with water. Only a selfless mind can mix with a selfless mind. If you want to surrender to God, develop this equanimity. You must completely let go of all your desires.