Though we are born pure, we get all sorts of desires that corrupt us and make us poisonous and at the end, though we are born as nectarine, full of purity, we turn poisonous because of all kinds of desires that come inside us. But in our institution, the whole purpose of creating these institutions is to preserve that purity with which children are born. We don’t want our children to become impure. They are already pure, they are born pure, they should remain pure. I leave children in far off, remote campuses. Yet children go and live there, teachers go there, live with the children day in and day out and look after them. It is because I have such kind of teachers, chairpersons, staff that I have the confidence that we can go ahead and open more campuses.

Next year when I am opening five campuses, I was assessing is it possible for us, that too girls’ campuses, can we go ahead with this or should we reduce the number or two? But our CHE students, university graduates who have come forward, they said, “Swami, why do You fear?” I was telling, “Generally I tell the public, ‘Why fear? I am here.’ But My children tell Me, ‘Swami, why fear? We are here.'”  So we don’t have to fear. You don’t have to fear because I am here. I don’t have to fear because you are here. This should be the way. Imagine if you don’t start that girls’ campus tomorrow. One girls’ campus if we don’t start, at least 50 children’s fate will not be the same. Just by opening one campus if not more, at least 50 children are brought under the protection of the campus. The situation of poor girls not just in India but across the world is very sad.

You should use this opportunity well, use all the facilities, use your time well, develop confidence and become somebody who can be a reason for another 100 or 1000 people to smile, to live a better life. Swami only wants that you should help others. He doesn’t have any other expectations. (The students) will look after the institutions in the future. No fear. That is the mission. How this will bring about goodness in this world, you can’t even imagine. All that is required is your heart should remain pure. Don’t dirty, don’t pollute your heart with selfish feelings. Keep your hearts pure. You were born pure. Remain pure. That is all the effort should be. And till the last child on earth gets all these, till then our mission does not end. So this work is not for a year, ten years, fifty years, hundred years; this work is for centuries.