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Swami, in this Kali Yuga, is there any possibility for humans to attain immortality?

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Public Satsang at Sunnyvale, USA- 16th June 2015 

Swami: Yes. Why this Kali Yuga? You can attain immortality in any Yuga. That is your birth right. You already are immortal. You think that you are not, but the best way of attaining immortality is not by action, nor by becoming a big family man, nor by having a lot of wealth, but only through sacrifice. It is by sacrifice alone that you will become immortal.

How many of us remember the kings and queens of America? Yet, we still remember the leaders who have sacrificed everything for the sake of bringing joy and peace to this country. You still remember leaders who did not think about themselves but about others and led their lives in a way of sacrifice. That is how you become immortal. That is how people will remember you, long after you are gone. Through actions of sacrifice you will attain immortality.

I am there, and you also can connect to Me within. Just reduce your desires, become more selfless, and fill your hearts with love, and you will feel Swami everywhere wherever you go. You don’t have to go to a particular place or do a particular thing to attain Swami. He is always with you. Learn to be with Him. Along with that, Satsang, or good company is very important. That will help you stay connected to Swami. A pot of water kept in shade will retain the water, but kept outside will lose all the water due to evaporation. Likewise, with Satsang, you will be able to retain this feeling within and you must preserve it and convert all this love into action. That is the way it will continue forever. You can stay in constant awareness of Swami’s presence.