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Is there free will or is everything decided by Bhagawan Baba?

Public Satsang at Dubai – 27th August 2015

Swami: If you come to the classroom, it is your destiny to get admission to the class, to have a particular teacher come to teach you, and to study certain subjects in a certain way, as taught by the teacher you get. However, whether you pay attention in the class, do homework well and then understand the lesson better is your free will. A student who comes to class and sleeps without paying attention, or if his mind is in the football field and not in the class, obviously will not progress and will not attain much. So, for a man who has strict identification with the body, the rules are, there is a certain destiny that brings you to a certain place. But what you make of it is your free will; You must make the best of what your destiny provides you.

Coming to Baba is destiny, becoming like Baba is free will. You must put in the effort. As long as body consciousness is there, duality is there; both free will and destiny exist. Only for one who has gone beyond body consciousness does nothing exist. Everything becomes divine, for he himself is divine. Until then, you have to go through the rules.