Kathopanishad - Episode 17

The 4 States of Consciousness

According to vedanta, the four states of consciousness are captured beautifully in the divine ओंकार oṁkāra.

  1. अ a – from silence, form and name emerges from deep sleep
    जाग्रत् अवस्था jāgrat avasthā (Waking state)
  2. उ u – form and name is sustained
    स्वप्न अवस्था svapna avasthā (Dreaming state)
  3. म् m – return to deep sleep
    सुषुप्ति अवस्था suṣupti avasthā (Deep sleep state)
  4. Deep silence – original
    तुरीय अवस्था turīya avasthā (‘The fourth state’ – The transcendent, non-dual state of the ātman)

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