Kathopanishad - Episode 34

Bodha (Wisdom) vs Jnana (Knowledge)

At all times, the blueprint of four is operating. The terms may be different, but the essence is always the same. 

  1. virāt
  2. hiraṇyagarbha
  3. īśvara
  4. brahman
  1. jāgrat avasthā
  2. svapna avasthā
  3. suṣupti avasthā
  4. turīya avasthā
  1. Gross body
  2. Subtle body
  3. Causal body
  4. Universal Consciousness

No matter which terms are used, the path should always lead one from the physical presence to omnipresence. Yet this path is not at all an easy one to follow. Once the seeker (who has found the right guru) has arisen from spiritual slumber, he should not waste any more time and not take the truth of the scriptures lightly any longer. He should not stop until he experiences the Truth for himself. Only a true guru can bestow this bodha (living experiential reality).

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