Kathopanishad - Episode 15

3 Kinds of Austerities To Attain Self Realisation

In this episode, Sadguru explains the three kinds of तपस् tapas (austerities) to be performed in order to attain brahman.

  • शारीरतपः śārīratapaḥ: austerity of the body
  • वाङ्मयतपः vāṅmayatapaḥ: austerity of speech
  • मानसतपः mānasatapaḥ: austerity of the mind‌

The austerities for the body comprise of worshipping the Gods, guru and the enlightened, maintaining a clean body, being straightforward and with a complete focus on God and practising non-violence.

The austerities for the speech comprise of speaking without causing agitation to others, speaking the truth in a pleasant way and practising the chanting of scriptures.

The austerities of the mind comprise of maintaining a pleasant mind with compassion, silence, self-control and purity of thoughts.

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