Kathopanishad - Episode 43

The Infinite Potential Of A Mind Merged In Divinity

The ultimate indicator of spiritual progress is that, whatever happens, our lives should be lived effortlessly. Bad or good, we take all that life offers us in our stride and remain unaffected by it all. In this episode, Sadguru reminds us of the process of effortless living by merging our individual consciousness (jñānātman‌) into collective consciousness (mahatātman) and further still, into cosmic consciousness (śāntātman).

When the mind becomes merged in infinity, the mind’s capacity becomes infinite. Its intelligence, power and capabilities multiply in infinite ways. No harm can fall on such a person. For one whose consciousness has merged from jñānātman‌ to mahatātman to śāntātman, has progressed from an individual mind to no-mind. All suffering, worries and fears disappear for one whose mind has merged with the highest.

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