Kathopanishad - Episode 44

Where Does Brahman Reside In One’s Body?

God is sometimes referred to as puruṣa. Why? puru means place and ṣa: means the one residing in. Since brahman is everywhere, It is referred to as puruṣa. However, although brahman is everywhere – in every place, It is also beyond any constraints of time. Yet, brahman is present, right now, within the centre of our hearts. In addition, brahman transcends any form of causation, because everything else is experienced only because of It’s light. The one who realises this seemingly contradictory truth does not have to worry or fear.

The narayana suktam beautifully describes how the puruṣa resides in the subtle koṣas of our bodies. In this episode, Sadguru clearly explains the deeper meaning behind this verse of the suktam, in relation to the teachings of the Kathopanishad.

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