Kathopanishad - Episode 45

Rise From Body Consciousness To Divine Consciousness

Symbolically, everything that we consume through our senses is offered into a yajña (ritual) that continually goes on within us. The priest conducting the yajña represents our mind and the yajña puruṣa is verily brahman Himself. However, the ariṣaḍvargas (inner demons) are bent on disrupting the positivity and sanctity of the yajña. Just like the three demons who continuously trouble us in the form of the tāpatrayas

In this episode, Sadguru teaches us the essence of the Ramayana. Sage Visvamitra, who represents our buddhi, will need to seek the help of Rama and Lakshmana (viveka and vairāgya) to fight our inner enemies. Vanquishing Ravana symbolises the end of this yuddha (battle), wherein the ten indriyās are conquered: the seeker has given up body consciousness (deha bhāva) and attained divine consciousness (ātma bhāva).

The one who persists through the battle, not stopping and not giving up until the goal is achieved eventually goes beyond duality, attains ānanda and comes to be known as a jīvanmukta (one who is liberated while still alive).

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