Kathopanishad - Episode 46

The Role Of Prana (Life Force) In Liberation

brahman is all expansive and all pervading. In, above, below, beside, in front, behind, all around and within all. Being the very source of the pañcaprāṇa, brahman ordains and governs all functions of the body, mind and senses. It is because brahman is, that we are. Hence, no harm can befall one who constantly meditates on (and lives in accordance with) one’s True nature of ananda and abhaya

In this episode, Sadguru describes the importance of the pañcaprāṇa for the seeker of liberation – it is the very life force that is present all around us in every motion, every form of energy and in every living being.

This is the reason to practise brahmacarya (a self-controlled, austere life devoted to brahman) here and now, while we are blessed with this body and this understanding. For what remains of this embodied soul once brahman decides to leave?

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