Kathopanishad - Episode 53

The Strongest Foundation For Spiritual Growth

One of the most basic and yet most important goals on our spiritual path, is to control the indriyas. Not giving in to their every whim and fulfilling every desire that may arise will form the requisite foundation for the rest of our spiritual growth. If this foundation is not laid correctly, then all other yogic practice is vulnerable and can be undone in an instant with the arrival of a particularly potent desire.

Once we have realised the truth, it is our duty to help others discover it also and free them from the suffering of ignorance. However, when our spirituality is not fully developed and we haven’t yet transformed ourselves, it is better to avoid the company of those who are not also on this path, as they will influence us and drag us away from our goal. Once our spirituality has matured and our understanding is rooted in experience, then we can safely mingle with general society without fear of being swayed.

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