Kathopanishad - Episode 55

The Purpose Of All Spiritual Practices

Just as juice cannot be seen in the fruit, fragrance cannot be seen in the flower or butter cannot be seen in milk, so too, brahman may not immediately be seen in the world around us. However, by certain processes, we can extract the juice from the fruit, the butter from the milk or the fragrance from the flower and in the same way God can be extracted from the world.

All spiritual practices are nothing but variations of this process of extracting or perceiving the latent divinity in everything. We should also not allow the mind to indulge in excuses as to why we are unable to pursue our spirituality or follow our dharma.

We should not permit ourselves to think we are too weak or otherwise ill-equipped to deal with our internal demons. The Upanishads declare that we are all powerful and anything we could ever need is within us. This is our true nature.

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