Kathopanishad - Episode 57

The Importance Of Having A Guru

Once we understand what needs to be known, we must then approach a guru with great humility in order to learn that very thing. The guru is important because without their guidance it is very difficult to learn that ultimate truth on our own. A guru knows both the ultimate knowledge that we are trying to learn and also knows us better than we know ourselves and therefore knows what we need and when.

Furthermore, once we have found our guru, we should ask the right questions and not get distracted and waste time.

The guru can teach us what to do, but he cannot do it for us. In the end we must put in our own efforts and practice the things that have been taught to us.

After having put in all these efforts and practiced what the guru has taught, we must then have patience, as from this point onwards it is up to God when it will choose to reveal itself to us.

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