Kathopanishad - Episode 59

How Does A Realised Being Act In The World?

Only the one who has lost the fear of death can be considered truly spiritual, for they have realised what they really are, which is neither the body nor the mind. Such a person may continue to live in the world and perform various actions, yet they do not act out of their own will, driven by fear or desires. Instead, they act purely as per the will of the divine.

Because of this clear understanding and the lack of personal involvement in the actions they perform, they have no attachment or emotional investment in the outcomes of these actions. Nor do they have any attachment or emotional investment in things or people. They just act as per the master plan of God. Like dry leaves on a breeze, they appear to move and yet it is not by their own will. Because of this absence of doership, they accrue no karmic debts from their actions and remain totally free.

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