Kathopanishad - Episode 60


Everything in this world is temporary. ‘Bad’ times pass and ‘good’ times pass. The only thing that is constant is you. The real, eternal you; brahman.

We are absolutely pure and perfect as we are, however, this innate, perfect divinity is wrapped in a mind complex that has varied characteristics, thus we have diverse experiences based on the qualities of our mind. Difficult times reveal what kind of mind we currently have as our reactions to these difficulties are very revealing.

Everything that has to happen to us has to happen. It is orchestrated for our own good by brahman in order to improve, mature and realise our true divinity. Therefore we should greet all events of our life, pleasant or unpleasant with equanimity.

Throughout the course of this series, it should have revealed to you what the current state of your mind is. If you observe that your mind still needs some maturing and development, then the series ‘Master The Mind’ can guide you on the requisite techniques to help you begin this process.

Whatever happens in our lives and whatever we pursue from here, we must continually abide in this thought – this idea; that we and everyone and everything around us is divine.

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