Master the Mind - Episode 10

Buddhi Yoga and Ways To Achieve It

In the tenth discourse of the Master the Mind series of lectures, Sadguru Sri Madhusudan Sai provides us a roadmap for attaining a just and equitable world order – that which is founded on the tenets of daiva prīti, pāpa bhīti and saṇgha nīti. Such a realm of existence is possible when every aspect of human endeavour is blessed by the Divine. Indeed, it is with Divine grace alone that one can surmount the challenges posed while taming the mind and negating the influence of one’s vāsanās and karma. Sadguru references teachings from the bhagavadgītā and the upaniṣads to bring forth how one can use the buddhi to tame the mind and how the practice of buddhi yoga leads one to the attainment of jīvanmukti. Further, Sadguru underscores the importance of satsaṅga and sādhanā to achieve this goal. With excerpts from the kaṭhopaniṣad, Sadguru inspires today’s younger generation by taking the sterling example of the young naciketā, whose persistence helps him succeed in his quest for knowing the Ultimate Truth, the experience of which is beyond all other transient pleasures and joys of the world.

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