Master the Mind - Episode 12

Dispassion, the Secret to Fearlessness

In the twelfth discourse of the Master the Mind series of lectures, Sadguru Sri Madhusudan Sai enlightens us with examples from the purāṇas that demonstrate the impermanence of this world, overcoming which man can attain salvation. Whether it was King Bhartrhari or King Janaka, all these noble men were awakened from their ingnorant slumber by rude shocks before they turned a new leaf. Sadguru adds that one does not need to wait for a jolt in life in order to take to the path of spirituality. What man needs is to cultivate a sense of vairāgya that can help him differentiate between the real and the unreal, and guide him on the right path to Self-Realisation. True vairāgya is a culmination of vaśīkārasaṁjñā and that is the precursor to lasting peace. In this discourse, Sadguru explains the simple steps to gain control over the mind by following specific disciplines and techniques during meditation.

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