Master the Mind - Episode 13

Kinds of Vairagya

Man’s quest for spiritual fulfilment can be accomplished only by diligently following the teachings of the guru and adhering to the rules laid down in the scriptures. The guru-śiṣya relationship is exemplified in the kaṭhopaniṣad (Yama and naciketā) and the bhagavadgītā (Krishna and Arjuna). In the thirteenth discourse of the Master the Mind series, Sadguru Sri Madhusudan Sai illustrates how spiritual progress is stunted when either the guru or the śiṣya is not receptive and adept enough. The ideal disciple is one who can master the mind by developing the higher vairāgya and using it in conjunction with viveka. This discourse dwells on the types of vairāgya a spiritual aspirant must be aware of to succeed in his spiritual journey. Sadguru also explains the types of karma that bind man and how to escape from their clutches by taking recourse to disciplines like astrology that provide cues to appease the gods and soften the impact of one’s karmic consequences.

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