Master the Mind - Episode 16

7 Steps to Realisation

T o succeed on the spiritual path, man needs to develop vairāgya, which comes only with arduous practice and discipline. By using the axe of detachment, he can acquire jñāna, a prerequisite to permanently discard desires that plague his mind. Once he attains jñāna-vairāgya, he attains peace from within and realises his Self. In this discourse, Sadguru Sri Madhusudan Sai urges the reader to start believing in the Truth, ahaṁ brahmāsmi because there is śāstra pramāṇa (scriptural evidence) that by doing so, one will be able to live it. Sadguru draws upon references from Vidyaranya Swami’s pañcadaśī, wherein he enumerates the seven stages prescribed in vedānta that culminate in the realisation of the Ultimate Truth. A guru is required to help man turn his gaze inwards and discard the illusions of nāma and rūpa, arising from saṁsāra māyā, moha and the bondage of janma-mṛtyu. Man’s śraddhā, bhakti and dhṛti, combined with the guru’s grace and compassion, lead to duḥkha nivṛtti and ānanda prāpti. Thus, by transcending dvaita bhāva and embracing advaita, man attains Self-Realisation, i.e., Oneness with brahman.

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