Master the Mind - Episode 18

Vedanta to rescue the world

In the eighteenth discourse of the Master the Mind series, Sadguru Sri Madhusudan Sai makes a fervent plea for rescuing the world from its distress by the practice of vedānta. vedānta is not a pearl of wisdom meant only for the ancient ages. By drawing upon an example from the works of a modern-day thinker like Rabindranath Tagore, Sadguru establishes how vedāntic thoughts are eternally relevant; in fact, the practice of vedānta is the need of the hour today so that the world can redeem itself of its misery. Adopting vedānta in life helps the buddhi conquer the mind to attain man’s ultimate goal of Self-Realisation. It helps man free himself from the bondage of his attachments and desires, redeem himself of suffering and lead a life of peace and contentment as a buddha jīvī. He will then realise brahman and appreciate that everything around him is a reflection of brahman. Such a noble soul takes it upon himself to redeem the world out of his sheer compassion for humankind.

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