Master the Mind - Episode 19

Yogi vs Vedantin

In the nineteenth discourse of the Master the Mind series of lectures, Sadguru Sri Madhusudan Sai unequivocally states that the purpose of man’s birth is to realise his Self. That realisation can come about only by renouncing worldly temptations, conquering desires and thus taming the mind. It is then that man would get a glimpse of the magnificent brahman. By attaining this state, he will realise his Divinity and appreciate that everything else in the world is a reflection of that brahman. Sadguru guides the seeker of this spiritual truth that when there is ātmano mokṣārtham (Self-Realisation), jagat hitāya (welfare of the world) will occur on its own. Therefore, it should be every aspirant’s endeavour to attain this ātma anubhūti (the experience of Self-Realisation), irrespective of the path one chooses. Sadguru explains through several anecdotes the difference between the yogi and the vedāntin, both of whom follow different ways to realise the Self. Sadguru, therefore, urges everyone, especially those endowed with the guru’s grace, to leave behind their petty existence and take to the path of spirituality to realise their Truth.

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