Master the Mind - Episode 20

The State of Samadhi and Beyond

In this discourse, Sadguru Sri Madhusudan Sai explains the steps a spiritual aspirant should take to realise the Self by mastering the mind. Sadguru lucidly elaborates on the stages to be followed in meditation, with references from our ancient texts like the pātañjali yogasūtras, which enunciates a disciplined approach to yogābhyāsa (the practice of yoga). The lecture focusses on the types of samādhi (state of nothingness) and beyond. Spiritual aspirants should yearn for the attainment of a permanent state of bliss beyond the samādhi state, which is the state of jīvanmukti. A jīvanmukta’s only purpose of life is to facilitate the redemption of misled minds and help them realise their Divinity. Sadguru goads the aspirant that this transformation can come about only through svaprayatna (self-effort). While everyone’s purpose in life is to realise one’s Divinity, the circumstances prevailing today globally are not conducive for this transformation. That is where the Sri Sathya Sai University for Human Excellence will bring about change from within, with a specific focus on vedāntic wisdom and practice.

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