Master the Mind - Episode 22

brahman alone is Permanent

Man’s efforts at realising his Self can be consummated only by the grace of God in the presence of a benevolent guru, who holds him by the hand and helps him learn the Ultimate Truth of brahman. In the twenty second discourse of the Master the Mind series, Sadguru Sri Madhusudan Sai compares a guru with the spring season, which brings with it boundless happiness and beauty all around. gurus are selfless, Self-Realised beings who walk the path out of sheer compassion for fellow human beings to take them across the ocean of saṁsāra. By diligently practising the teachings of vedāntic scriptures, man can eventually realise brahman. The emancipation of the world is possible only when vedānta becomes the way of thought. Sadguru emphasises that brahman has willed that the problems of kaliyuga will end with the establishment of a new world order. It would be a world where vedānta would establish itself as the unifying force across countries and continents, where every man would take to the vedāntic path to realise his Divinity. Indeed, brahman is the only Truth, and only vedānta can help man get there.

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