Master the Mind - Episode 23

Practise Silence (Maunam)

The twenty-third lecture in the Master the Mind series describes the means to attain the ultimate state of Self-Realisation. In this discourse, Sadguru Sri Madhusudan Sai explains the personality of an ideal aspirant as detailed in our scriptures. To attain such a state, grooming aspirants right from childhood by fostering the right values in an appropriate environment is essential. Indeed, students should have the right blend of parā vidyā (higher knowledge or spiritual knowledge) and aparā vidyā (lower knowledge of regular subjects) in a gurukula to imbibe a strong sense of values as taught by our sages in the ancient times.

Appreciation and literacy in Sanskrit is essential for a young student to understand the import of our scriptural teachings. Sadguru makes a strong case for the adoption of Sanskrit as a medium of communication in the future, for it is indeed the devabhāṣā, the language of the Gods, which will lead one to the goal of brahman. He exhorts the aspirant to settle for nothing less than the highest in spiritual accomplishment, which can come about only by transcending the world’s noise and embracing the silence within (mauna). In the depths of this silence, one can attain brahmajñāna, the only antidote to the ignorance of the world.

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