Master the Mind - Episode 25

What is True Bhakti?

Spiritual aspirants are often confused between advaita jnāna and bhakti, and the path that they should take to attain brahman and amṛtatva. In the twenty-fifth discourse of the Master the Mind series of lectures, Sadguru Sri Madhusudan Sai describes the various forms of bhakti and the stages of its practice, which eventually lead the bhakta to realise his bhagavān. Sadguru elaborates using several references from texts like the śvetāśvataropaniṣad, praśnopaniṣad and nāradabhaktisūtras that glorify the idea of bhakti. Further, Sadguru encourages the spiritual aspirant to give it his best, persevere till the end and not leave his efforts midway. For, brahmajñāna will be his, only when he attains parā bhakti, the ultimate bhakti. More bhakti implies more advaita darśana, and more advaita darśana means more bhakti. They complement and do not compete with each other. Quoting from Adi Shankaracharya’s teachings, Sadguru urges the aspirant to take to the path of practising the highest bhakti with the three key ingredients of tapas, brahmacarya and śraddhā, which will eventually lead to Self-Realisation.

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