Master the Mind - Episode 29

Realise Oneness in Everyone

In the twenty-ninth discourse of the Master The Mind lecture series, Sadguru Sri Madhusudan Sai elucidates that man’s salvation is incumbent on his appreciation of the Oneness with everything around him. In a world replete with duality (dvaita), man’s liberation from the shackles of the world is possible only by following the principles of nonduality (advaita). advaita helps man to navigate through the maze called life and is the panacea for all ills plaguing society. Managing dvaita through the understanding of advaita constitutes true wisdom. Not only does this transform work into worship, but it also aligns one with the purpose of life. Human effort must go hand in hand with Divine grace and the ātman should be the guiding force of every decision in life. This wisdom of vedānta, coupled with the practice of the three cardinal values (3 D’s) − dama, datta and dayā − redeems man from the cycle of birth and death. This will instil courage and fearlessness in man, and veritably take him man to his ultimate destination, i.e., his own Divinity. This is the only way; there is none other!

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