Master the Mind - Episode 3

The Four Pillars of Vedanta

In his third discourse of the ‘Master the Mind’ series, Sadguru Sri Madhusudan Sai focuses on the four pillars of vedānta: viveka (discrimination), vairāgya (detachment), ṣaṭsampatti (six virtues) and mumukṣutva (desire for liberation). The blessing of manuṣyatva (human birth) endows us with these four qualities, which propel us towards Divinity. Describing them as the four legs of a table, Sadguru terms viveka and vairāgya as our best friends. viveka helps us discriminate between what is right and what is wrong, while vairāgya helps us detach from the wrong things. ṣaṭsampatti confers on us the six types of spiritual wealth, and mumukṣutva instils in us a deep passion for God and a constant yearning to realise our True Self. In conclusion, Sadguru introduces us to the concept of a one-month mind challenge. He provides a week-by-week recipe to respectively observe, control, focus and divinise the mind. The culmination of the four-week period is followed by self-analysis, self-audit and correction. Repetition of this cycle constitutes our sādhanā.

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