Master the Mind - Episode 30

Continue the Practice until You Realise the Self

In the concluding discourse of the Master the Mind series, Sadguru Sri Madhusudan Sai quotes from the teachings of Lord dattātreya and Adi Shankaracharya, and urges man to learn from nature and overcome his attachment to the senses. Indeed, to eventually realise his Self, man needs to conquer his svaguṇa and vāsanās. That is possible only when he practises mauna and ātmavicāra, and reaches a state of samādhi, the first milestone in the attainment of jñāna. However, for eternal transformation, a temporary state of samādhi is just the beginning. It involves a lifelong adherence to discipline and abhyāsa, which our ṛṣis and munis had arduously practised for years. They are shining examples of how a pure-minded person can attain ātmasiddhi (Self-Realisation) through the culmination of sevā, sādhanā and bhakti.

That will lead the earnest seeker to brahmaṇa ānanda. Further, Sadguru Madhusudan Sai provides the reader with helpful tips on one’s daily routine that will help the seeker in his journey to attain brahmajñāna, realising which he will truly fathom the beauty of God’s creation, even as he realises the Divinity in himself. He re-iterates that brahman is extremely pleased with anyone who takes to this path and actually awaits to reveal Itself to the seeker, since this was the sole purpose of creating the universe. God’s grace is always present in abundance and if the seeker consistently walks the path, he will surely reach the coveted destination of Self-Realisation.

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