Master the Mind - Episode 5

Categorise and Discard the Desires

In this discourse, Sadguru elaborates on the three types of thoughts or desires − tāmasika, rājasika and sāttvika, and their effect on the mind. He first explains how to clearly identify and categorise them. Then, he guides how to discard the tāmasika and rājasika thoughts and retain only the pure sāttvika thoughts. These help in making the mind desireless, so that it can be turned towards God. The only desire that should finally remain in the mind is the one for brahmajñāna, which itself ultimately gets consumed in the process of Self-Realisation. Sadguru then goes on to delineate the various stages of ānanda and how the upaniṣads provide the easier option of attaining brahmānanda by becoming desireless through the study of scriptures. He concludes by stressing on the fact that the world’s greatest need today is jñānis who can save mankind from the impending danger and doom of oblivion.

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