Master the Mind - Episode 7

Get Your Basics Right

In the concluding discourse of Volume 1 of the Master the Mind series, Sadguru Sri Madhusudan Sai focuses on getting the basics right and putting one’s efforts in the right direction. He clearly states that the spiritual exercise is all about observing and silencing the mind, not about holding one’s breath or counting the seconds. Irrespective of whether the chosen path is karma, bhakti or jñāna mārga, the ultimate goal is always ātmānubhava (Self-Realisation). For this, cittaśuddhi (purity of mind) is imperative. bhakti purifies the mind, while jñāna reveals the truth.

Narrating several delectable anecdotes to illustrate his points, Sadguru instructs how to challenge the mind and call its bluff through ātmavicāra (self-enquiry). He emphasises the importance of svādhyāya (committed study of the scriptures) and advises the avoidance of extremes in the treatment of both the body and the mind, such as, fasting, observance of austere vows, interactions with others, cultivation of mystic powers, etc.

Having segregated all the thoughts and having discarded the trivial and unnecessary ones, one is finally left with only three absolutely essential rājasika thoughts and the sole sāttvika thought of attaining Self-Realisation. One then becomes aware and equanimous forever. Having thus realised oneself, one will be able to help others redeem themselves too.

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