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GURU VIKAS (vol 1-9) is a series of modules based on the transformative programme for teachers envisaged and graced by Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba in the year 2015 in His subtle form. Each module brings to fore a new meaning, aspect and purpose for all teachers across the globe. Using it as an acronym for – Transformation, Example to everyone, Awareness of oneness or awareness of Atma, Culture of the country, Head heart and hand, Environment, and Role of religion, Swami details the means of the teacher in bringing a paradigm shift in his/her own consciousness impacting a radical change in the field of education.

These 7 modules coupled with Introduction to Guru Vikas and Self Analysis are rich with words of wisdom, Swami’s discourses, examples, situations, case study analysis and are sprinkled with pictures, poetry, questions-answers and practical guidance provided for the teachers to upgrade their inner self and become effective catalysts in the path of transformation for students.

Although they are designed for the teachers, these books are relevant for one and all as within each individual resides a teacher and also

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