Sanatana Dharma Simplified, Vol 1 (English) (Hard Cover)


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Sarvaṁ khalvidaṁ brahma – All is Divine – is the supreme law that was discovered by the seers of the most ancient Indian civilisation in their highest state of absorption. This changeless and eternal principle of all existence is the ultimate truth, and it is the only answer to every possible question that was, and that will ever be asked by anyone on this planet. This eternal law is sanātana dharma, which naturally includes every inanimate object too as an expression of the same divinity.
This book is the first part of the series ‘sanātana dharma Simplified’, a collection of articles written for a bimonthly column of a popular newspaper by Sadguru Sri Madhusudan Sai, in an effort to simplify and clarify the fundamental concepts of sanātana dharma and its practical applications in day-to-day living, especially to the unfamiliar and the uninitiated.

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