About this area of volunteering

Audio Production and Editing

This is a unique opportunity to edit the most inspiring audios and spread positivity to the fellow citizens of the globe.

Essential Skills

  • Mixing and Mastering of the recorded content using editing tools like Logic pro, Protools, Adobe Audition.
  • Editing to eliminate errors and review to ensure it follows the scripts.
  • Adjust the EQ, noise reduction, music balance and overall quality of the audio files for all the radio programs, radio schedules, videos and overall Station ID.
  • Record/Edit new content for radio, video, documentaries, dramas, musical albums etc.
  • To be well equipped with working knowledge of editing tools, broadcasting systems and audio set-ups.
  • Skilled in conducting live interview recordings.

Level of commitment required

Minimum 2-5 hours a week.

Qualifications required

Proficiency in the tools such as Logic Pro or Adobe Audition.

Volunteer Profile

Diaz Arjuntara, Indonesia

Junior Visual Content Designer

For many years, Swami has blessed me with two things: opportunities to be involved in His mission, and also opportunities to practise and grow my skills in music, audio, video and visual content development. Many of these opportunities have posed new challenges for me through which I have learnt to only surrender everything to Swami because in the end, He is the one doing everything. I continue to pray for His guidance and more such opportunities to serve and grow.