About this area of volunteering

Content Translation

Voracious readers, passionate writers, fluent in two or more languages with the ability to deliver the author’s exact sentiments in another dialect are the basic requisites to being translators for regional as well as foreign languages.

Essential Skills

  • Excellent writing skills and command of grammar in the native as well as second/third language/s.
  • Fluency in regional languages would be an added advantage.
  • In-depth cultural knowledge of the languages of expertise.
  • Specialized in the subjects of spirituality & philosophy.
  • Ability to translate while keeping the original meaning intact or by using the most analogous words.
  • Ability to maintain the purity of the original text in the translated version. It must not be inferior/superior to that of the author’s.
  • Be computer savvy.
  • Self-motivated and organized.
  • Must be able to deliver within deadlines.

Level of commitment required

Minimum 2-5 hours a week.

Qualifications required

Proficiency in the language in which you will be translating.

Volunteer Profile

Victory Craxi, Italy

Ayurvedic Doctor

My greatest takeaways from this experience so far has firstly been teamwork beyond cast, creed, colour and nation. Secondly this has helped me become more organised in my time management and has made me realise just how much time used to go to waste because this was missing. In the end, I’d like to also add that being a part of this team is a great blessing also due to the fact that (as if what I already wrote wasn’t more than enough of a blessing!) with seemingly impossible deadlines and work loads it becomes easier for us to take a step back within us and let the divine just work through us because many times they seem impossible for a human to carry forward! There is no more space and time for the adage, “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop”.

Thank you for this opportunity!