About this area of volunteering

Creative Research

Serving as a backbone to other arms of the creative work that is done by the Trust, the creative research team focuses on sourcing information, content and media assets that support the creation of videos, books and articles. The team also works on indexing all the Divine Discourses that Swami has delivered.

Level of commitment required

Minimum 2-4 hours a week.

Qualifications required

No formal qualifications.
Access to high speed internet will be preferable.

Volunteer Profile

Buvana Priyaa, Malaysia

Biotechnology Degree University Student, 21 years old

Several months back, I was approached with an opportunity to volunteer as a creative content writer and researcher. I was always interested in writing and so, when I was presented with this opportunity, I took it as a calling from Swami himself, to guide me further in this journey of self-transformation. Every day, working with this team doesn’t seem like work to begin with. It feels more like a family, coming together to support each other with knowledge, courage and ideas. All that we do, we did for our Sai in All. Given the opportunity to work on indexing, scripts for animated videos, write ups and etc, I have definitely learnt a lot myself and am still doing my best to practice what I have learnt respectively. I thank Swami for this opportunity and hope to be His humble instrument throughout.